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Benefits Of Play and why it matters

  • Reduction of obesity
  • Building of stamina
  • Developing muscles
  • Exposure to fresh air
  • Enhancing of reflex actions
  • Better co-ordination of body parts
  • Better sleep
  • Active lifestyle
  • Improvement of concentration
  • Helps creativity & out of the box thinking
  • Development of problem solving skills
  • Development of determination and proximity to nature.

• Enjoyment & happiness

• Improves self confidence

• Helps reduce anxiety

• Helps relax the mind

• Improvement of self expression



• Helps develop a caring and sharing attitude

• Helps develop team building & co-operation with others

• Helps improve communication skills

• Helps develop negotiating skills

• Helps develop appreciation of reasonable risk

• Helps fight fear and phobias

Playground Selection

How many Kids?

First establish how many children will be playing in the playground at a time.
Make sure while designing the play equipment that there is adequate equipment so as to avoid overuse and abuse.
Select items to cover all age groups.
Select a diverse range of items for optimum use.

Provide a minimum of 1.5 metre spaces between each piece of equipment for the children to run and move about freely

Safety is Key

In the case of swings ensure that there is a gap of at least 3 metres in the front & back of the swing. 
For children between 12 months to 4 years provide a separate play area with items specially designed for them. 
Sufficient arrangements must be provided in each playground for elders who accompany the children.
All play equipment should be surrounded by a soft shock absorbing surface, like fine clean sand, rubber, soft mats etc. 

Call Us

It is advisable to arrive at your budget after checking out the above requirements. 
At Polyplay, we can help you design the right play equipment to suit your playground area and budget.

Other Products wide range of toy, furniture and playground accessories

About Polyplay

Polyplay Limited was founded to embrace and enhance the wonderful world of kids. It’s a colourful, playful, learning and fun world. Our motto is “Great Fun For Everyone”. We uphold this motto through the design and production of a wide variety of multipurpose, multicoloured toys and outdoor activity equipment.

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